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Tree and Shrub Removal Services

Specialized tree removal services from Toronto’s #1 tree health experts

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Toronto’s Leading Urban Tree & Shrub Removal Service

Mikey’s Tree Care is a Toronto-based full-service independently owned tree care company offering specialized tree and shrub-related services, including tree and shrub removal.
While our main goal as arborists and tree health experts is to preserve and maintain the health and beauty of Toronto’s amazing greenery, we also understand that sometimes, removal becomes necessary. 

Safety is always our priority, so as qualified arborists, we will carefully evaluate your situation and create a specialized plan for safely removing the tree or shrub.

Tree & Shrub Removal - Mikey's Tree Care

Our team is highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable regarding removal safety protocols, so you can trust that your tree or shrub will be removed safely without any damage to your property. We’ll even give you the option of having our team remove all the material or leave you with firewood. Regardless of which option you choose, we will always leave your property clean when we are finished our work.

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Consultation & Estimate - Mikey's Tree Care

Why Consider Tree or Shrub Removal

As previously stated, preserving Toronto’s incredible tree population is incredibly important to us. However, certain factors can compromise the health of a tree, making removal necessary. 
Below, we have listed some of the main reasons our Toronto arborists would recommend a tree or shrub be
removed from your commercial or residential property:

  • Diseases or Pest Infestation Icon

    Diseases or Pest Infestation

If a tree or shrub has become infected with a disease or infested with pests, it might need to be removed to prevent the spread of the disease or pests to other trees or shrubs on your property. This can often occur when the health of a tree has become compromised due to poor soil nutrition and other urban environmental factors.

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  • Poor Tree/Shrub Health Icon

    Poor Tree/Shrub Health

If a tree or shrub is in poor health and there aren’t any solutions to revive it, we would recommend that it be removed. Here are some examples of tree health issues that would warrant a removal:
  • Damaged root structure
  • Interior decay
  • Cracks in the main trunk or leaders
  • An incurable disease
The reason for this is that not only are dead/dying trees unsightly, but they can also be a hazard. For example, when a tree has died or is in poor health, it becomes weakened and can fall onto a home, building, or power line due to heavy winds.
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  • Proximity to a Home or Other Building Icon

    Proximity to a Home or Other Building

When a tree is located too close to a home, commercial building, or other structure, its root system can damage the foundation or even enter the plumbing system. In this instance, we would recommend removing the tree to prevent significant damage to the building. Trees with roots that are encroaching on sidewalks or utility lines may also need to be removed for this same reason.

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  • Overcrowding Icon


Overcrowding of plants and shrubs can impact growth and lead to health issues, so if your property has become overloaded, selective removal may be necessary to give the rest of your greenery the space it needs to grow and thrive.

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Why Choose Mikey’s Tree Care
For Your Tree and Shrub Removal Needs

At Mikey’s Tree Care, we consider ourselves the premier experts in urban tree and shrub removal in Toronto. Our Toronto-based arborists and tree experts are fully insured, WSIB-covered, professionally trained, and competitively priced.

As a small, local Toronto tree removal service, we are committed to providing all of our valued clients throughout the city with high-quality service with honesty, respect, and integrity to achieve our goal of preserving all of Toronto’s magnificent urban greenspaces.

We take great care when removing any trees and greenery and always follow the appropriate safety protocols. This includes an initial assessment to determine whether it is in your best interest to have the tree removed along with stump removal and post-removal cleanup.

Along with tree and shrub removal services, our team of Toronto arborists also specialize in a variety of other tree care-related services, including the following:

  • Tree Planting

  • Hedge Trimming

  • Trimming of other smaller woody plants

(only if already on site for other larger tree-related work)

We can even help assess any other issues you may be having with the trees and shrubs on your property and make recommendations for improving their overall health.

With that being said, Mikey’s Tree Care primarily services the following neighbourhoods throughout Toronto’s East End:

Don’t see your neighbourhood listed above? Don’t worry. Our tree experts will take on clients all throughout the City of Toronto, so give us a call or send us an email to find out if we service your area. 

If you are concerned about the health of a tree on your property or its proximity to your home, fill out our form today for a free estimate on tree removal, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Tree Care Services - Mikey's Tree Care

Some Awesome Reviews From Our
Mikey's Tree Care Clients

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"Start to finish, I had a great experience with Mikey's Tree Care. The crew was polite, efficient and effective. They did great work and cleaned up after themselves. I was most pleasantly surprised though, about how helpful the office and management team were for questions, appointments and scheduling the work. I always knew exactly what to expect and when. I would definitely use them again."

Google Reviewer Cristina Scassa - Mikey's Tree Care

Cristina Scassa, a week ago

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"Mikey’s tree care were highly recommended in the community. They showed up as promised, on the dot, three guys worked their magic like a well-oiled machine and left our yard in a pristine condition. They were great at letting my toddler watch “the show” and even helped put up a rope for the hammock swing (which is very much enjoyed by all). We cant thank enough Michael, Luke and the other guys for their wonderful work. Highly recommended!"

Olya Bogouslavsky Google Reviewer - Mikey's Tree Care

Olya Bogouslavsky, 2 months ago

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I could not be happier with the service. Michael is such an honest and informative young man. Such a pleasure to deal with. His crew, Riley and Evelyn, were at my house on time, got the tree and some smaller trees down for me in great time, and cleaned up as if they weren’t even there. They too were a pleasure to deal with. Pricing was great as well!! I would not hesitate to recommend Mikey’s Tree Service to my family and friends, and will indeed use their services again if needed!!! Thanks so much Michael…kudos to your crew as well!!!

Vlad Google Reviewer - Mikey's Tree Care

Vlad, Playter Estates, Toronto

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