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Residential Tree Care Services

We offer a full range of tree and shrub related services all year round.

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Tree Pruning and Trimming

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Tree and Shrub Removal

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Tree and Shrub Fertilization

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Tree Assessments

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Stump Grinding

Services We Offer That Will Help Keep Your Trees Healthy and Safe.

At Mikey’s Tree Care we value trees and always seek to see them preserved. This means that the majority of our work consists of pruning or trimming.


What Residential Tree Care Services are you looking for?

Tree Trimming Pruning - Mikey's Tree Care
Tree Trimming/Pruning

Trees are usually pruned for safety, health, or aesthetics. Proactive pruning will increase all these factors so if your tree hasn’t been pruned for sometime, it’s a good idea to call and have it inspected and pruned. Pruning includes removing deadwood that could fall and cause damage, removing crossing or conflicting branches, and removing any branches that could conflict with wires, windows, roofs, etc.

Tree & Shrub Removal - Mikey's Tree Care
Tree & Shrub Removal

There are certain situations when preserving a tree is not possible and it must be removed. This can be because it has died, it has been damaged in a storm, or it has become a liability and poses a risk to people and/or property. If this is the case, as qualified arborists, we will determine how to safely remove the tree.

Tree & Shrub Fertilization Services - Mikey's Tree Care
Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Urban soil varies greatly from the soils typically found in forests and can sometimes result in the negative health of certain trees or shrubs. It’s easy to forget about the importance of root structure and their interaction with the soil because we don’t usually see them. Fertilization can be a helpful tool to increase the nutrients to which a tree or shrub has access.

Tree Assessments Services - Mikey's Tree Care
Tree Assessments

Trees are not natural to the urban environment and there are many reasons why a tree’s health might struggle or deteriorate in the city. If you’re concerned with the health of your tree, you can contact Mikey’s Tree Care. We can send an arborist out to determine what could be done to help improve the health of your tree, tell you if the tree poses any risk to the people or property, and determine the best course of action.

Specialized Stump Grinding - Mikey's Tree Care
Stump Grinding

Stumps can pose a tripping hazard, be an eyesore, or sometimes will continue trying to grow new sprouts or suckers from them. If your tree has been cut to ground level and the stump wasn’t removed we have stump grinding machines we can use to grind down below ground. If you’re hiring us for removal of a tree we can provide stump grinding as an optional line item or we can come grind stumps of trees that have already been cut on your property. Our machines can grind up to 12″ below grade level. If you’re interested in having a stump grinded contact us today.

How Mikey’s Tree Care Works

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Some Awesome Reviews From Our
Mikey's Tree Care Clients

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"Start to finish, I had a great experience with Mikey's Tree Care. The crew was polite, efficient and effective. They did great work and cleaned up after themselves. I was most pleasantly surprised though, about how helpful the office and management team were for questions, appointments and scheduling the work. I always knew exactly what to expect and when. I would definitely use them again."

Google Reviewer Cristina Scassa - Mikey's Tree Care

Cristina Scassa, a week ago

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"Mikey’s tree care were highly recommended in the community. They showed up as promised, on the dot, three guys worked their magic like a well-oiled machine and left our yard in a pristine condition. They were great at letting my toddler watch “the show” and even helped put up a rope for the hammock swing (which is very much enjoyed by all). We cant thank enough Michael, Luke and the other guys for their wonderful work. Highly recommended!"

Olya Bogouslavsky Google Reviewer - Mikey's Tree Care

Olya Bogouslavsky, 2 months ago

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I could not be happier with the service. Michael is such an honest and informative young man. Such a pleasure to deal with. His crew, Riley and Evelyn, were at my house on time, got the tree and some smaller trees down for me in great time, and cleaned up as if they weren’t even there. They too were a pleasure to deal with. Pricing was great as well!! I would not hesitate to recommend Mikey’s Tree Service to my family and friends, and will indeed use their services again if needed!!! Thanks so much Michael…kudos to your crew as well!!!

Vlad Google Reviewer - Mikey's Tree Care

Vlad, Playter Estates, Toronto

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Why Mikey's Tree Care

At Mikey’s Tree Care, we value trees and people. We offer a full range of tree and shrub related services all year round. Trustworthy, honest, fully insured, WSIB covered, professionally trained, and competitively priced, you will be left more than happy when the job is done.

7 Years+ Experience - Mikey's Tree Care 7 years+ experience

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Discover Your
Mikey's Tree Care

Looking for a rewarding career with opportunities for growth? Mikey’s Tree Care has an opportunity for you in the location you desire.

Careers - Mikey's Tree Care
Discover Your Career - Mikey's Tree Care
Tree Care - Mikey's Tree Care
Careers - Mikey's Tree Care
Discover Your Career - Mikey's Tree Care
Tree Care - Mikey's Tree Care

We Provide Free Estimates in Toronto and the GTA

Mikey’s Tree Care provides services specifically focused on trees including tree pruning, tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, tree planting, hedge trimming, and trimming of other smaller woody plants, if already on site for other larger tree related work.


Filling out the form that will help give us all of the information we need to efficiently book a free estimate. This is the best way of contacting us.

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