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Tree and Shrub Fertilization Services

Specialized urban deep-root fertilization from Toronto’s #1 tree experts

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Toronto’s Leading Urban Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Mikey’s Tree Care is a Toronto-based full-service independently owned tree care company, offering specialized tree and shrub-related services, including tree and shrub deep-root fertilization.

Our unique deep-root fertilization method helps the fertilizer penetrate all the way down to the roots to nourish trees and shrubs. This is incredibly important for trees in urban areas, as soil quality is often diminished and does not provide trees and shrubs with adequate nutrients. 

With traditional tree and shrub fertilization methods, the nutrients are most often absorbed by the plants or soil on the surface rather than the roots, meaning trees and shrubs are only being minimally affected.


Tree & Shrub Fertilization - Mikey's Tree Care

To help preserve the health of your Toronto greenspace, we highly recommend deep-root fertilization for both trees and shrubs for the following reasons:

  • Better Access to Nutrients Icon

    Better Access to Nutrients

Our deep-root fertilization process helps us provide trees and shrubs with the essential nutrients they need for healthy growth in urban settings by delivering them directly to the root zone. We also use a tailored, slow-release nutrient supply to help ensure the trees and shrubs receive continuous nourishment over time and that the unique needs of the plant species are addressed. This also ensures that each plant receives the appropriate balance of nutrients, ensures sustained tree and shrub health, and increases its lifespan.

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  • Improved Growth Icon

    Improved Growth

In a city like Toronto, where soil lacks certain nutrients, the growth of trees can become stunted. Delivering nutrients directly to the root system through fertilization helps to facilitate growth, leading to healthier, stronger, and more robust trees and shrubs along with:
  • Stronger branches
  • Lush foliage
  • Vibrant flowers
  • A healthier, more beautiful appearance
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  • Stress Resistance Icon

    Stress Resistance

When urban trees and shrubs are well-fertilized, they are better equipped to handle stressful environmental conditions such as droughts, storms, extreme temperatures, and pest infestations. deep-root fertilization also helps to boost the immune systems of trees and shrubs, making them more resilient to common diseases.

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  • Environmental Benefits Icon

    Environmental Benefits

Urban trees and shrubs can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen more efficiently when they are healthy. This helps to improve air quality, which then helps to improve the health of other trees and plants.

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  • Increased Property Value Icon

    Increased Property Value

Healthy, well-maintained trees and shrubs lead to more attractive residential and commercial properties, which can help to increase your property value.

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Or Get in Touch With Us Directly

Consultation & Estimate - Mikey's Tree Care

Why Consider Tree and
Shrub Fertilization

Urban Toronto soil varies greatly from the soils typically found in rural communities and forested areas. This means it is less nutrient-dense and less desirable for plant growth. Poor soil quality often seen in urban centres like Toronto is primarily caused by:
  • Soil compaction from heavy pedestrian, bicycle, car, and public transit traffic

  • Soil contamination caused by pollution

  • Alteration of natural drainage patterns, causing waterlogging and/or erosion

  • Loss of organic matter

  • Diminished pH levels from construction and pollution

  • Limited space for root growth

Without intervention through fertilization, the health of Toronto’s abundance of trees and shrubs, along with their root structure, will decline, leading to:

  • Poor or lack of growth

  • Poor root development

  • Premature death

  • Diseases and pest infestations

  • Yellow leaves

  • Premature leaf shedding

Why Choose Mikey’s Tree Care
For Your Tree and Shrub Fertilization Needs

At Mikey’s Tree Care, we are the premier experts in urban tree and shrub fertilization in Toronto. We utilize a powerful slow-release deep-root fertilization method tailored to your specific tree and shrub species to ensure your greenery is receiving the best nutrition and will grow big, strong, and beautiful.

Along with tree and shrub fertilization, our team of Toronto arborists also specialize in a variety of other services, including the following:

  • Tree Planting

  • Hedge Trimming

  • Trimming of other smaller woody plants

(only if already on site for other larger tree-related work)

We can even help assess any other issues you may have with your trees and shrubs and make recommendations for improving their overall health.

Have a tree problem you require our help with? Rest assured that our Toronto-based arborists and tree experts are fully insured, WSIB-covered, professionally trained, and competitively priced. 

With that being said, Mikey’s Tree Care primarily services the following neighbourhoods throughout Toronto’s East End:

Don’t see your neighbourhood listed above? Don’t worry. Our tree experts will take on clients throughout the City of Toronto, so call or email us to find out if we service your area. 


As a small, local Toronto tree service, we are committed to providing all of our valued clients throughout the city with high-quality service with honesty, respect, and integrity so we can achieve our goal of preserving all of Toronto’s magnificent trees and greenspaces and see them thrive in their urban environment.


If you are concerned about the health of the soil at your Toronto home and how it may be impacting your trees and shrubbery, fill out our form today for a free estimate on tree fertilization, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Tree Care Services - Mikey's Tree Care

Some Awesome Reviews From Our
Mikey's Tree Care Clients

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"Start to finish, I had a great experience with Mikey's Tree Care. The crew was polite, efficient and effective. They did great work and cleaned up after themselves. I was most pleasantly surprised though, about how helpful the office and management team were for questions, appointments and scheduling the work. I always knew exactly what to expect and when. I would definitely use them again."

Google Reviewer Cristina Scassa - Mikey's Tree Care

Cristina Scassa, a week ago

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"Mikey’s tree care were highly recommended in the community. They showed up as promised, on the dot, three guys worked their magic like a well-oiled machine and left our yard in a pristine condition. They were great at letting my toddler watch “the show” and even helped put up a rope for the hammock swing (which is very much enjoyed by all). We cant thank enough Michael, Luke and the other guys for their wonderful work. Highly recommended!"

Olya Bogouslavsky Google Reviewer - Mikey's Tree Care

Olya Bogouslavsky, 2 months ago

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I could not be happier with the service. Michael is such an honest and informative young man. Such a pleasure to deal with. His crew, Riley and Evelyn, were at my house on time, got the tree and some smaller trees down for me in great time, and cleaned up as if they weren’t even there. They too were a pleasure to deal with. Pricing was great as well!! I would not hesitate to recommend Mikey’s Tree Service to my family and friends, and will indeed use their services again if needed!!! Thanks so much Michael…kudos to your crew as well!!!

Vlad Google Reviewer - Mikey's Tree Care

Vlad, Playter Estates, Toronto

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