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We offer a full range of tree and shrub related services all year round.

Trimming and Removal Pricing

A number of factors impact pricing like the commute time to the property, the size and number of trees to be trimmed or removed, complexity/difficulty of work, ease of access, parking, amount of material to be disposed of, and the amount of staff that will be required to complete the job.  In order to provide exact pricing, we generally need to come see the tree in person, but we still wanted to provide rough pricing for clients who may not have had tree work done before. We accept payment through cash, cheque, e transfer, and credit card.  Payment is typically due within 3 business days of the work being completed.

We charge a minimum of $375+HST for any work. This is because we sometimes need to come see the tree in order to determine an exact plan for the work, we then schedule a date for the the crew to complete the work, they travel to site in a large truck usually with a chipper, they complete the work, and we then need to invoice and collect payment. Because we are equipped to climb and trim large trees, the crew usually consists of one climber and two groundworkers. We also have significant overhead costs like insurance, parking, WSIB, and storage space for our equipment.

Generally, trimming of small/medium trees that need to be climbed but are under 35 feet tall will be somewhere between $375 and $1200+HST, this includes the time necessary to travel to site, set up climbing ropes in the tree, ascend, do the trimming, dispose of all material, and clean up.

Trimming of trees between 35 and 50 feet or removal of significant portions of trees can be anywhere from $625 to $2150+HST.

Trimming of very large trees like mature Oaks that are taller than 50 feet can be extremely challenging, time consuming, and risky, they can range from $1000-$3500+HST.

Cost of removals can vary greatly.  Generally trees under 30cm will be between $550 and $2800+HST to cut to ground level and dispose of all material. Stump grinding generally costs $375 to $1100+HST.


The City of Toronto protects trees on private property that have a trunk greater than 30cm in diameter. These trees cannot be cut down or have more than 30% of their canopy removed without a permit. The measurement should be taken 1.2 meters above ground level.  You can measure the circumference of the trunk and divide it by Pi (3.14) or hold up a ruler to it and eyeball if the trunk is wider than 30cm. If a tree is in good condition then it is unlikely that the city will grant a permit for it to be removed.

The city requires an arborist report be submitted with the permit application.  We charge $325+HST to create arborist reports for clients who have contracted us for the removal of their tree.

The city charges $137.50 for a private tree application.  If any portion of the trunk crosses a property line then the city considers it a “boundary tree” and the application fee is $287.03.

It’s often easier for us to submit the permit application on the client’s behalf, we can do this for an additional $125+HST.

If the city grants a removal permit then a replacement tree will need to be planted. They require a 50mm tree from their list of approved species to be planted on the private property. If there is no suitable place for planting on the homeowner’s property they will sometimes allow “cash in lieu” of planting which is roughly $583.

Removing trees over 30cm in diameter will generally cost anywhere between $1900 to $5250+HST.

Some Awesome Reviews From Our
Mikey's Tree Care Clients

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"Start to finish, I had a great experience with Mikey's Tree Care. The crew was polite, efficient and effective. They did great work and cleaned up after themselves. I was most pleasantly surprised though, about how helpful the office and management team were for questions, appointments and scheduling the work. I always knew exactly what to expect and when. I would definitely use them again."

Google Reviewer Cristina Scassa - Mikey's Tree Care

Cristina Scassa, a week ago

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"Mikey’s tree care were highly recommended in the community. They showed up as promised, on the dot, three guys worked their magic like a well-oiled machine and left our yard in a pristine condition. They were great at letting my toddler watch “the show” and even helped put up a rope for the hammock swing (which is very much enjoyed by all). We cant thank enough Michael, Luke and the other guys for their wonderful work. Highly recommended!"

Olya Bogouslavsky Google Reviewer - Mikey's Tree Care

Olya Bogouslavsky, 2 months ago

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I could not be happier with the service. Michael is such an honest and informative young man. Such a pleasure to deal with. His crew, Riley and Evelyn, were at my house on time, got the tree and some smaller trees down for me in great time, and cleaned up as if they weren’t even there. They too were a pleasure to deal with. Pricing was great as well!! I would not hesitate to recommend Mikey’s Tree Service to my family and friends, and will indeed use their services again if needed!!! Thanks so much Michael…kudos to your crew as well!!!

Vlad Google Reviewer - Mikey's Tree Care

Vlad, Playter Estates, Toronto

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